Say hello to WACK’s newest group: Curry Roux

curry roux idol group

WACK have announced the formation of a new group called Curry Roux (tentative name).

Members for this group include former BiS member Pan Luna Leafy, YUiNA EMPiRE, and WAgg member Uruu Ru. Uruu Ru’s graduation date from WAgg hasn’t been determined yet.

However, plans for Curry Roux’s debut CD is scheduled for fall and will be released under T-Palette Records.

Auditions are underway for a new member, with women between the ages of 16-32 being eligible to apply. The first audition deadline is scheduled for June 30th.

While the name Curry Roux is a bit out there (something Watanabe himself admits), it’s great to see that YUiNA and Pan Luna Leafy have been given a new group to perform in.

We’ll find out more details soon enough, but for now it’s great to see this group be formed. Stay tuned for more details!