Shuukan Idol – Idol MV Spectacular, and More


This week’s Shuukan Idol is packed with MVs from groups such as BAND-MAID, BABYMETAL, Yurumerumo!, and more. Check out our top 6 highlights of the week!


BAND-MAID channel their inner teenager for the Yolo MV

BAND-MAID are awesome. They have managed to gain a world-wide following with their catchy riffs and songs, but we hadn’t seen any new music in a while … until now. We’re finally getting a new single to enjoy with an impressive setting and sound and it’s a must see for fans of rock with cute maids.

BABYMETAL leap into the animation world with a new series

BABYMETAL are the newest addition into the ever complicated world of metal, and they have been dominating at concerts with their heavy idol music. But, they haven’t dominated every form of media … until now. A new animated series is coming out featuring this talented trio!

Team Syachihoko’s Yuzu has left the group

Yuzu Ando was one of the members that made Team Syachihoko what it is today, and sadly she took a slight hiatus after experiencing vertigo. Unfortunately it seems like after some time of trying to return to the group she has decided to leave the group. Best of luck Yuzu!

Yurumerumo! go full Final Fantasy in an RPG-inspired MV for Hamidashi Paradise

I love when idol groups do something creative with their MVs that stray from the typical “dance + solo shot”, and Yurumerumo! have stepped it up with their latest release. Taken from their latest mini album, the MV features a VR setting where you turn your head to take different paths. There are English and Japanese versions so there’s no excuse not to check it out!

ANGERME break my Twitter account’s character limit in the MV for Ai no Tame Kyou Made Shinkashite Kita Ningen, Ai no Tame Subete Taikashita Ningen

ANGERME have been on a roll, and with a new member they have managed to release a song that is nothing short of amazing. Will the next single’s title just be a book? We’re not sure, but we are sure that this MV is certainly a solid release from them and well worth a look for any idol fan.

lyrical school channel their inner rap skills for the ballad MV for Magic Hour

I’m not that big into rap. lyrical school though have shown me that while other kinds of rap might be on the iffy side, nothing beats a catchy idol rap release and they have managed to do just that with their latest single. Featuring a more casual city setting, the beats are laid back and the vocals are solid. Definitely recommended!


Maneki Kecha are an idol group I wasn’t aware of, but they have just announced their major label debut with a double a-side single titled Time Machine / SPLASH.

Out October 18th, the MV for the single features a laid back ballad sound where each member wonders about their future. It’s an interesting take that’s packed full of a soft guitar ballad sounds and cute idols, so fans of the softer side are sure to be pleased.

If you want to get their latest release make sure to click below to check out all of the different versions for this single (regular, limited, member versions) as well as their past releases:


That’s it for this week, we’ll see you in the next one!