NMB48’s Yagura Fuko Announces Graduation

nmb48 yaguro fuuko

NMB48 member Yagura Fuko has announced her graduation from the group.

The announcement was done on October 11th at NMB48’s concert at Osaka Hall. There she mentioned that she had always been thinking about graduating, and her not having any regrets in her decision.

Fuko confirmed that she has no plans to remain in the public eye after her graduation. But she also added that she hopes to do her best in life with the love that her fans have given her.

Her graduation is scheduled for March 2018.

Yagura joined NMB48 in 2011 as a Kenkyuusei member. She was promoted to Team M in January 2012, moving to AKB48’s Team A in April 2013, and finally into Team BII on January 2017.

It’s unfortunate when a member wants to leave the spotlight. But, after being part of NMB48 for around 6 years it seems like Fuko is ready to live a normal life. We wish her the best and hope that fans are able to go to her final performance next year!