Say hello to the 3 new UP UP GIRLS (2) members

up up girls 2 new lineup

3 new members have been announced for UP UP GIRLS (2).

The new members are Morinaga Niina, Niikura Ami, and Shimazaki Yuria.

up up girls 2 morinaga niina niikura ami shimazaki yuria
L to R: Shimazaki Yuria, Niikura Ami, Morinaga Niina

New members are always a welcome addition, especially for a group like UP UP GIRLS (2) who have been making a name for themselves on the idol scene. Sure, they are relatively underground, but they are a talented bunch and these new members are sure to help give the group a bit more variety.

Those who have had a chance to go to their live performances have already had a chance to hear them perform, but here’s hoping we get a new single soon to see their talent.

Welcome to the group Yuria, Ami, and Niina!

UP UP GIRLS (2) Blog


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