Shuukan Idol – OutBiS Edition (February 25 – March 3)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a variety of MVs from BiS, Oomori Seiko, AKB48, and Yoneko. Add in a surprise hiatus from a group, a graduation from LoVendoЯ, and more to complete our 7 highlights of the week!


> BiS outBiS BiS in the chaotic MV for BiSBiS (2019 ver)

If you’re a WACK fan you’re probably well used to the idea of enjoying updated versions of classic BiS releases. This time, we’re enjoying a classic re-imagined with the members of current BiS recreating an MV that Pour Lui did back in 2016. Now, all that’s missing is nerve (2019 ver) and we’re all set. Knowing Watanabe, we’re probably getting that soon.

> LoVendoЯ’s Okada Marina is graduating

If you though that LoVEndoЯ were on shaky ground before, well, hold on to your seat. Okada Marina has recently announced that she will be leaving the group to focus on her hobby. It’s a blow to the already inactive band, but one that was somewhat expected. Best of luck Okada Marina!

> 9nine are going on hiatus

9nine are a group that’s been around for a long time. A very long time. Well, it seems like the time has come for them to take a break and unfortunately it seems like it comes as a result of some internal conflict. Full details are available above, best of luck 9nine members!

> Oomori Seiko jams out in the intense live/studio MV for VOID

Oomori Seiko is continuing her overly pink and cute single with the release of a raw rock release that is sure to get you jamming out. It’s packed full of energy, acoustic guitars, and a band that have the same amount of energy as Seiko herself. Check it out, it’s so good!

> AKB48 release all coupling MVs for their 55th single

The main MV for AKB48’s 55th single was released earlier this week, but thankfully we don’t have to wait long to see the rest of the MVs for this single. So, what do we see here? Dead Rino, a room full of globes, and an MV packed full of neon outlines. It’s a weird mix but one that brings with it a flurry of electronic songs for fans to enjoy.

> Negicco’s Nao☆ is getting married

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday. Negicco, our favorite green onion themed idol group, recently received some good news: a member is getting married. Sure, they’re an idol group, but the members are around the age where getting married is expected. Congratulations Nao!

> AKB48 dance among 3,450 outfits in the colorful MV for Jiwaru DAYS

This is the perfect way to kick off the week. AKB48 are celebrating the graduation of Sashihara Rino by releasing an MV that is jam packed with nostalgia. In it we get to see 3,450 outfits adorning the walls as the members all perform and dance along to the song. It’s a must watch MV, and one that will keep you up at night feeling sorry for the people in charge of putting up all those outfits on the walls.


This week we have Yoneko and her MV for Kasei no Koibito. Out now, the song is available digitally and through retailers.

If you’ve been on Twitter during the past week, you’ve probably heard of Yoneko. She’s quickly become a star in the English-speaking idol community for reaching out to fans overseas through a variety of English tweets.

Thankfully, the idol fan community is full of amazing people who have embraced her with open arms as she does everything she can to share her music with us. She’s uploaded her music to as many streaming services as she can and even released an MV that we’ll be checking out soon. Needless to say, Yoneko is a star.

So, how’s that MV? It’s a delightful mix of calm idol music combined with scenes of her walking the streets while doing random things. It’s not the flashiest of MVs but it does an amazing job of matching the tone of the music, which makes for a delightful song that fans are sure to love.

What’s next for Yoneko? An English podcast with Sally from 22/7? Or perhaps more sweet sounding idol music? Probably only the last one, but I’m always happy to see idols take the initiative to reach out to fans overseas. Make sure to check out the MV below, and if possible, give the video a like as well to show your support!

Kasei no Koibito

Drop that lightbulb boba tea and head on below to check out her releases:

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Also, if you’re into supporting talented idols and you have a couple of seconds, give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram to stay tuned to her other activities. I’m sure she’d appreciate the support.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!