LoVendoЯ’s Okada Marina is graduating

L to R: Okada Marina, Tanaka Reina, Miyazawa Marin

Girl rock band LoVendoЯ have announced that Okada Marina will be graduating.

According to Okada Marina, she thought about what she wanted from life after turning 25. After much thought, she decided that she wished to pursue her passion of fishing. This was a hobby she had before joining the group and after doing fishing-related work under Up Front, she decided to follow that career.

She will end her contract with UP-FRONT CREATE and graduate from LoVendoЯ in late March.

Not many musicians give up their careers to pursue fishing, but Okada Marina is one of those lucky few who get to turn a hobby into a career. To some, this might be a bit out of the blue but for fans who follow her closely this is simply what was meant to be.

Marina comes from a family of fishermen and has fished herself since she was in elementary school. Naturally, this hobby turned into a passion that she followed ever since then. It’s an interesting turn of events for a musician, but I’m all for people following their passion in life.

As for LoVendoЯ, the departure of Uozumi Yuki back in 2016 (who got married and had a kid since then) and the soon-to-be departure of Okada Marina does spell trouble for the future of the group. No news about the group is known as of yet, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed to hopefully hear more about a future release.

For now, all we can do is support Okada Marina and look forward to her following her passion in life. Best of luck Marina!