BiS outBiS BiS in the chaotic MV for “BiSBiS (2019 ver)”

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BiS outBiS BiS in the chaotic MV for BiSBiS (2019 ver).

Out March 20th, the track is part of their latest single titled Are you ready?

If WACK is known for something it’s re-releasing the same song over and over again with every lineup change. BiS are infamous for it and BiSH did the same thing back when Hug Mii left and Ayuni D. joined.

It’s a tradition in WACK and to help promote the latest BiS release we are revisiting another classic that was released back in 2016.


This is a classic MV in the alternative idol community and with good reason. The pure chaos in the scene and Pour Lui singing along to a classic after a long break was a breathe of fresh air and a sign that we were in for more idol anarchy. BiS was making a comeback and everyone was hyped.

Flash forward to 2019 an we have an all-new lineup with no Lui. It’s a new age and we get new vocals, even if the instrumental is the exact same. The visuals are as close as you can be to the 2016 version, with explosions and sparks flying as the members slowly get up and sing along to the song.

It’s a nice tribute to the group’s roots and continues the tradition of making fun of the traditional idol theme. To some, this might be an awesome bonus to have on their latest single, but to others it might be yet another version of BiSBiS with minimal changes.

Which camp are you in? Personally I’m in the “OK, I get it, old BiS was good” camp, but time will tell. For now, enjoy the MV below and indulge in the nostalgia once more!

BiSBiS (2019 ver)

bis are you ready cover perfect limited
Limited (Blu-ray + CD)


bis are you ready cover limited
Limited (DVD + CD)


bis are you ready cover regular

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