BAND-MAID “Don’t you tell ME” MV Released


BAND-MAID have released an MV for their track Don’t you tell ME.

Part of their upcoming 1st full album titled Just Bring It, it will be released on January 11th.

The girl rock band BAND-MAID make their comeback with yet another amazing release packed full of catchy lines and heavy guitar riffs.

This time, the members end up as maids in a fancy mansion where they get fed up with having to work while the rich get to party. It’s a fairly interesting setting and one that fits in perfectly with the group. In fact, the profile picture above was taken from the same ending shot making for a cool preview of the MV.

Song-wise, it’s a solid song with catchy guitar riffs that fans will adore. From the intro to the amazing guitar solo in the middle of the song, every second of the song has a heavy sound that fits in perfectly.

Make sure to check out the release and pick up a copy of the album since this release is going to be a must have!

BAND-MAID Just Bring It



  1. Don’t you tell ME
  2. Puzzle
  3. Moratorium
  4. YOLO
  5. CROSS
  7. Take me higher!!
  8. So,What?
  9. TIME
  10. you.
  11. Awkward
  12. decided by myself
  13. secret My Lips

BAND-MAID Just Bring It



Same as Regular version


  • Includes a 32 page photo book and a sleeve case