Niji no Conquistador “Retort ~Kareinaru Ai~” MV Released

Niji no Conquistador Retort Single C

Niji no Conquistador show off their 8th Single C titled Retort ~Kareinaru Ai~.

Out January 9th, the single will be done in collaboration with Caligari Curry.

After having conquered noodles with their catchy LOVE Men Koi Ajiya wa Me single, Niji no Conquistador aim to conquer curry with their latest release.

Much like their previous release, the single C will contain a QR code on the cover that fans will be able to scan to download the song while they prepare their food.

Retort ~Kareinaru Ai~ has a ska feel to it with a slight Indian influence in the instrumental. It’s an interesting mashup that results in a solid song from this unique idol group and one that combines well with the scenes we get to see in the MV.

Visually it’s impressive, with the members wearing Indian-inspired outfits at the start. It does have a bit more of a story compared to their last release, with the final sketch of all of the members wearing curry ingredient outfits being my favorite part of this release.

The main thing to love about these releases is that they have given separate members a chance to shine. Nakamura Akari got featured in the Single N, and now Okumura Nonoka gets a chance to be featured front and center on the cover and in the middle of the cheerleader segment at the end.

We might get lucky and see other similar releases in the future with other members in the front (fingers crossed for a Tsurumi release), but for now this curry release is well worth checking out!

Niji no Conquistador