Niji no Conquistador “LOVE Men Koi Ajiya wa Me” MV Released

Niji no Conquistador Love Men Koi Aji

Niji no Conquistador show their love of ramen noodles in the MV for LOVE Men Koi Ajiya wa Me.

Out December 19th, the single will be released as a cup noodle single.

What is a cup noodle single? Modeled after a cup noodle package, the single will apparently feature real ramen you can make (which takes 4 minutes although the MV is only 3) and be sold at event venues for 1000 Yen. The cover will feature a QR code you can scan to download the song.

Niji no Conquistador Love Men Koi Aji Cover

As for the song itself, it’s a bit more laid back compared to their previous releases. The instrumental is slow and the vocals are rapped making for a relaxing song to enjoy at night while waiting for your food to be made.

Visually, it’s a Niji no Conquistador MV so it’s packed with a random amount of scenes. From a ramen competition, to an American quiz show, a training session that gets brutal, a random bikini scene featuring Nemoto Nagi (because why not), and culminating in a cute dance scene.

By far my favorite part of this release is that Akari is front and center for most of it. All biased views aside, this is why I love Niji no Conquistador: they always try out a fun new sound or way to release their music with this being the most unique of them all.

Dig into this delicious single since it’s well worth a look!

Niji no Conquistador