E-girls “All Day Long Lady” MV Released

E-girls E.G. Crazy

E-girls become OLs in the MV for their track All Day Long Lady.

Part of their upcoming album titled E.G. Crazy, it will be released on January 18th.

All Day Long Lady is a bit on the interesting side since it doesn’t have an instrumental that is packed full of electronic elements. Instead, the sound is a bit more laid back, allowing fans to enjoy the vocals a tad more.

It’s a visual treat though since it features a variety of colorful dance segments as well as outfits that everyone will adore (not to mention a giant 3D CG cloud). While laid back, it’s still a solid song thanks to the vocals of the members and the visuals.

Unfortunately, covers for this release are still not out (surprisingly), but we’ll update once they’re released so make sure to stay tuned.

For now, make sure to check out the MV since it’s a treat for fans of the group!


E-girls OHP