Morning Musume ’16 Makino Maria To Release 1st PB

Morning Musume 16 Makino Maria

Morning Musume 16’s Makino Maria will be releasing her 1st PB titled Maria.

Out August 6th, the PB will have 80 pages and will be published by Odyssey books.

Being fairly new to the newer generation of Morning Musume members, I have to admit that Makino Maria has a look that rivals my favorite members (Mizuki and Ayumi). So seeing that she is finally getting a solo release for fans to enjoy is nothing short of amazing news.

There are several previews of what to expect at the Hello! Project link below, but it seems like we’ll be enjoying a fairly varied look at bikini, seifuku, and casual clothes (the trinity of idol PB outfits).

While I might still be waiting for a Nonaka Miki PB, I am happy to see that more of the newer generation members are getting a chance to shine so grab a copy once it’s available

Morning Musume 12ki Ameblo | Hello! Project