GANG PARADE “Plastic 2 Mercy” MV Released


GANG PARADE show off their catchy MV for their hit Plastic 2 Mercy.

Out December 27th, the single will be released only at Tower Japan.

Fans of the group might be familiar with the song, and with good reason. Back when they were known as Pla2me in 2014, they released the song but due to the turbulent changes in lineups throughout the years there was never an MV, until now.

GANG PARADE Plastic 2 Mercy

The MV itself is interesting, showcasing the members in a variety of shots, including a live, performing in the middle of a street, and more. It’s well made and honestly was worth the wait for fans of this interesting group.

Plastic 2 Mercy is catchy. The EDM intro plays as the newly recorded vocals from the 7-nin lineup echo in between. It’s certainly among the best releases from the group and the song that deserved an MV.

Unfortunately, the single is only available through Tower Japan, but make sure to check out the MV since it’s certainly the catchiest songs you’ll hear!

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