BiSH Go Monochrome In The Epic MV For “stereo future”

bish stereo future

BiSH go monochrome in the epic MV for their new single titled stereo future.

Out December 5th, the single will be released in 3 editions.

stereo future will be used as the OP theme for the PlayStation 4 game titled GOD EATER 3. The single will also feature a song called S·H·I·T that was written by Ayuni · D.

BiSH have been pretty quiet since June where they released the MV for their “Guerrilla single” NON-TiE UP. Well, it seems like they’re back and more epic than ever with an MV that is packed to the brim with some impressive shots and a song that will make you wipe away a tear from your eye.

We kick off our BiSH adventure by seeing a blindfolded symphony start to play as the members begin to dance. Why a symphony? It adds a sense of drama to the release for sure, and helps the song stand out compared to other non-idol, punk BiSH releases.

Visually it’s no joke. We get to see the members explore caves and dance passionately to the song. The black and white images throughout the release match the tone of the song well, making for a relatively intense single. It’s unfortunate that they’re moving away from their roots, but the song has an impressive and mature sound that shows off the vocals of Ayuni, AiNA, and Chicchi well.

Is this the classic BiSH we’re used to? Not at all, but we’re starting to see BiSH move towards a mature sound that is sure to appeal to more people. Make sure to check it out below and if you’re a fan of the sound make sure to grab a copy!

stereo future

bish stereo future cover limited


bish stereo future cover cd dvd


bish stereo future cover cd