Check Out The New Candye♡Syrup Lineup

candye syrup idol

Candye♡Syrup have revealed their new lineup in preparation for their 2nd phase.

According to Candye♡Syrup’s Twitter, the new lineup are preparing new songs and costumes for their debut show. They also commented on the fact that all of the members for the first phase are graduated.

The official debut show for the new lineup is set for February 20, 2019.

A while back we got the news that the current lineup for Candye♡Syrup would be replaced by an all new one. This was a shocking and honestly interesting move since the current lineup was gaining traction and had won over the hearts of many.

Why replace the members if they’re already doing well? We’ll never know. But, I’m all for more idol metal music and the new members are pretty awesome so far:

Here are their social accounts for those who wish to follow them:

One thing to note is that most of the members set up Twitter accounts as soon as they were selected. For example, Chiro Chiroru set up a new account on August 24th mentioning that she was going to be an idol but couldn’t reveal to what group. The only member to have had an account prior to Candye Syrup was Yume Miichan who appears to work at a cafe.

For now we don’t know how the new lineup will perform and who will be taking over the screaming (I would guess Soku Shian). But, it will be exciting to see what happens from here. Welcome to all the new members!