Shuukan Idol – sweet!sweet!sweet! Edition (October 29 – November 4)

yukueshirezu tsurezure

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a wide variety of MVs from groups such as Nogizaka46, AKB48, and soloists such as Shiina Hikari. There are also some exciting news for LADYBABY fans and not-so-exciting news for Yanagawa Nanami fans. That and more in our 8 highlights of the week!


Note: There was a slight delay in news this week as a result of a lot of events going on in my day-to-day life. Stuff should stabilize soon, thanks for your support!

> Nogizaka46 recover from amnesia in Kokuhaku no Junban and get creepily artistic in Nichijou

Nogizaka46 are back at it again with 2 more MVs for us to enjoy. This time we’re exploring two fun subjects: amnesia and creepy artistic themes. OK, they’re not fun but somehow Nogizaka46 manage to make these MVs memorable. In fact, one of the MVs has a song that is going to blow you away. Check them both out above!

> Here are the MVs for the 24th UP UP GIRLS single

UP UP GIRLS are still going strong and their latest single is evidence that they’re able to adapt to any genre possible. From the fiery depths of a scrapyard to a simple recording studio, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. Also there’s a bikini MV because I know you’re into that.

> Shiina Hikari gets possessed in the intense MV for hate!hate!hate!

Remember Pikarin Shiina? Well, she’s dropping the adorable idol act and instead going all in with her unsettling music after changing her artist name. She gets possessed, screams throughout most of the song, and even sings at a lower key while a couple of guys stick forks into a brain. It’s messed up in the best way possible.

> Former Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika has left the entertainment industry

Mitsui Aika has been around in the background for quite some time since she graduated from Morning Musume. Unfortunately, it seems like she has decided that it’s time for her to finally leave the entertainment industry. Full details about her future plans are available above. Best of luck Aika!

> Chuning Candy take the sweetness up to 11 in the sweet MV for Sugar Sugar Sweet

Nothing says adorable like an MV packed full of smiling idols, colorful outfits, and a song that will raise your sugar levels dangerously high. Yes, we have in our hands what could best be described as one of the sweetest MVs to come out in recent times from the idol scene.

> Here are all the coupling MVs for AKB48’s 54th single

AKB48 are throwing everything they can with their latest single and as a result we got every single coupling MV at once. It’s overwhelming but it’s a great way to get ready for the latest AKB48 single. Grab some popcorn because there are a handful of videos to enjoy.

> Yanagawa Nanami to graduate from Country Girls, Juice=Juice, and Hello! Project

Well, this sucks. Nanami is one of those members that recently had a surge in popularity thanks in part to her joining Juice=Juice and releasing a PB. But, she has decided that it’s best to focus on her education which is completely understandable. Full details about her future plans are available above, best of luck Nanami!

> LADYBABY are headed to Houston next year

Exciting news for LADYBABY fans in the US: the new lineup is headed to Houston next year. Yes, it’s been long overdue but thankfully the long wait is finally over. Details about their appearance are available above so make sure to check them out!


This week we have Pimm’s and their MV for Muka Chakka Fire. Out now, the track is part of their debut mini album titled Human Xrossing.

I’m a newcomer to the group so I’m glad to see that this song managed to hook me since it began thanks in part ot their powerful rock styled instrumental. Yes, the vocals could use some work at times, but it helps add a fun touch to the song that is unrivaled. In fact, the song works perfectly because of the fun cheers that play as the member’s sing.

This all works perfectly with the visuals which show off the members as they punch and kick their way through the MV. There are a lot of visual effects centering around black and red, making for a fun and action packed release that shows off the members perfectly.

It’s seriously good, make sure to check it out!

Muka Chakka Fire

Make sure to C-L-I-C-K that link below and grab their mini-album to show your support:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!