LADYBABY Are Headed To Houston Next Year

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LADYBABY will be taking place of Anime Matsuri 2019 in Houston, TX.

According to the description of the video, LADYBABY will hold 2 autograph sessions and a Q&A panel. This will be the first trip to Texas for the group and the first performance in America for the new members.

Anime Matsuri 2019 will take place on June 13 – 16, 2019.

Nothing makes an overseas fan like myself crack a smile like seeing an awesome idol group make their way to the US and thankfully this time we get to enjoy a group that many are familiar with: LADYBABY.

Yes, it’s been a while since we last got to see them perform in the states, but it seems like a great sign that big things are in the horizon for this talented group. In fact, they’re so excited that they released a video where they mention the fun things they want to see during their visit, like NASA, Whataburger, steak, and us (d’aww).

We’re quite some time away from Anime Matsuri 2019, but I encourage everyone who can to go to the event!

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