Yanagawa Nanami To Graduate From Country Girls, Juice=Juice, and Hello! Project

yanagawa nanami juice=juice country girls

Yanagawa Nanami has announced that she will be graduating from Country Girls, Juice=Juice, and Hello! Project.

According to her graduation notice, Nanami mentions that her decision to graduate comes as a result of her thinking more about her future for the past year. She mentions that becoming an idol is something that she has wished for since being a child and that now she wishes to part with her idol side and focus on growing as Yanagawa Nanami. As a result, she will focus on her education upon graduating.

Her graduation date is set for March 2019.

Yanagawa Nanami is one of those surprising members who has won the hearts of many with her personality as a member of Country Girls, Juice=Juice, and Hello! Project. But, being an idol is a career that few can do for long and it seems like she has decided to focus on her education to build upon a career.

Yes, it’s always sad to see someone go but at least we got to share some time with Nanami and got to enjoy her singing and performing until March of next year. If you’re in the area make sure to check out one of Juice=Juice’s events since it’s a great way to say goodbye to one of the scene’s most unique idols.

Best of luck Nanami!

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