Nogizaka46 Recover From Amnesia In “Kokuhaku no Junban” and Get Creepily Artistic In “Nichijou”

nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type a

Nogizaka46 recover from amnesia in the MV for Kokuhaku no Junban and get creepily artistic in the MV for Nichijou.

Out November 14th, the tracks are part of Nogizaka46’s 22nd single titled KAerimichi wa Toumawari Shitaku Naru.

After releasing the MVs for Kaerimichi wa Toumawari ShitakunaruTsuzuku, and Caravan wa Nemuranai, it seems like Nogizaka46 are not slowing down with their MVs. In fact, we get 2 more MVs to enjoy this week and they are a treat.

Kokuhaku no Junban

For the latest Nogizaka46 MV for the song Kokuhaku no Junban we get to see a rather serious story line where we get to see a member do her best to recover from amnesia after getting hit in the head with a baseball. It’s a classic story that fits in nicely in the MV and one that shows off her quick progress to the tune of a catchy and funky ballad.

It’s a tad on the calm side at times but it’s sure to be a treat for those who are fans of the group. Also, the addition of a book that fills in with lines as she remembers more and more is a nice touch and one that makes for a rather impressive visual effect.

As always, if you care more about the song you can jump to 2:25 to check out the music, but I strongly encourage you to check out the story since it’s played out well.


Next up we get to enjoy a look at what happens when you try and go artistic and get a bit too close to the “creepy” side. From the members sleeping out in the field while wearing white dresses, to them wearing sunglasses while eating a clear soup, it’s an unsettling release that has visuals that are sure to make you say what. at least a few times. In fact, it gets creepier as the MV goes, with one of the final shots showing off a giant explosion which wakes up a member from an eternal slumber.

Thankfully, the song makes up for it by being among the most epic I’ve heard from Nogizaka46. It has a powerful beat and an instrumental that uses a wide variety of instruments and sounds, from dubstep, to guitars, as well as some orchestra instruments. It’s jam packed full of fun themes that are sure to please fans of the group.

Those visuals are still creepy though.

So, that wraps up the MVs for now. We have a handful of tracks left for this release and we should be getting some more in the coming days. Make sure to stay tuned for that, but for now check out the MVs above and grab a copy of that single below!

nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type a
Type A


nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type b
Type B


nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type c
Type C


nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type d
Type D


nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari regular cover