Nogizaka46 Show Nishino As A Mom In “Tsuzuku” and See Feathers Fall In The MV For “Caravan wa Nemuranai”

nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type a

Nogizaka46 show Nishino Nanase as an artist and idol in the MV for their 22nd single titled Kaerimichi wa Toumawari Shitakunaru.

Out November 14th, the single will be available in 5 editions.

We have 2 new MVs from Nogizaka46 that were released earlier this week and they are a treat. Fair warning, make sure to grab some tissues since they’re both pretty sad.


Need an MV to make you cry? Well, that’s a unique request but one that Tsuzuku manages to do because we get to see more of Nishino Nanase as we get a glimpse of her future. From the beginning, we get to see as she takes care of her daughter, with scenes of them spending a fun day out.

As the piano ballad plays, she notices many Nogizaka46 posters out for events taking place in 2028. Scenes then play of her performing, which are sure to bring fond memories to many fans who have followed the group for some time. It’s one of those songs that sounds amazing by its own, but the fact that there’s an MV to give it a story is truly a wonderful addition.

Caravan wa Nemuranai

Caravan wa Nemuranai is a special MV since we don’t get any dance shots. Instead, we get scenes of the members as they live their daily life and see a pile of feathers fall from the sky.

Did an angel or bird get hit by an airplane? Is someone throwing feathers into the faces of random idols? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that everyone’s lives got significantly better after this happened. It’s most likely because the song is among the most beautiful I’ve heard in some time, with a ballad that is sure to make fans smile as they watch it.

These 2 MVs are a great way to enjoy more of Nogizaka46’s latest single and ones that everyone are sure to enjoy. Make sure to grab a copy of that single below and check out those MVs!

Check out the MV for Kaerimichi wa Toumawari Shitakunaru here!

nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type a
Type A


nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type b
Type B


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Type C


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Type D


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