NECRONOMIDOL Announce Sari And Hina Are Graduating

necronomidol voidhymn

Dark idol group NECRONOMIDOL have announced that members Sari and Hina Yotsuyu will be graduating from the group.

According to the announcement, the decision of the two members to graduate came after several meetings together with the members regarding their future goals.

Sari mentioned that her reason for graduating is that she noticed that her path to follow as an individual started to diverge from the one that NECRONOMIDOL was going for. She did mention that her decision to leave was not made lightly and that she is thankful for the support from fans.

Hina echoed Sari’s thanks for the support from fans and Ricky, the manager of the group. She mentioned that she wishes to graduate in order to allow the group to move forward and leave the group with the same love that she had for it. No plans for what she wants to do after graduation have been set, but she will go to university and see where she goes from there.

NECRONOMIDOL will continue with Risaki Kakizaki, Rei Imaizumi, and Himari Tsukishiro with no break in activities. New member auditions will begin sometime in the future.

Their final event as a 5-nin lineup is set for January 7, 2019.

This graduation announcement hits fairly hard since Sari and Hina have both been with the group for quiet some time and both formed a legacy that is hard to match. From Sari’s white makeup and spider-on-face appearance to Hina’s trademark look, these two members have become one with NECRONOMIDOL and have helped shape the group into what it is today.

Yes, it’s a sad occasion but in a way it’s an opportunity for the group to continue to evolve and provide fans with music that will continue to haunt our dreams in new and exciting ways. However, if you are in the area make sure to check the current lineup and their final performance early next year.

Best of luck to Sari and Hina!