TEAM SHACHI Show Off Their Positive Energy In The Rocking MV For “Shin Fumi no Makuake ~ DREAMER”

team shachi idol group

TEAM SHACHI show off their positive energy in the rocking MV for Shin Fumi no Makuake ~ DREAMER.

Out February 2019, the track is part of their untitled mini-album.

Team Syachihoko are revamping their image in a new and exciting way after the departure of member Chiyuri Ito on October 22nd. Gone are the many adorable and random photos of them doing over the top stuff for their many happy releases.

Instead we’re getting a new all capitalized letter group name, a new slogan (super tough strong energy positive exciting soul from Nagoya, and even a pretty angry killer whale logo.

Yes, they’re taking the rock part of their name seriously and if you needed proof you can enjoy their latest MV for DREAMER. It’s mostly scenes of them recording together as a group, but the scenes of them singing together makes for a treat that we get to enjoy as the rock instrumental plays in the background.

So far, we don’t know much about their upcoming mini-album apart from the fact that it will have this song and ROSE FIGHTERS. But, the addition of all capitalized letters to their song names and group name is a good sign of things to come, especially for overseas fans.

Make sure to check out the MV below and get ready for the new TEAM SHACHI!

Shin Fumi no Makuake ~ DREAMER