PASSPO☆ “PlayGround” MV Released

PASSPO Cinema Trip

PASSPO☆ have revealed the MV for the track PlayGround.

Part of their upcoming album titled Cinema Trip, it will be released on February 15th.

Taking place mostly in an airplane, we get to see as Mio enjoys a zombie movie only to be later drugged and awakened in an empty plane. Soon she has to battle against some zombified versions of her fellow group members who appear to be carrying bottles of alcohol (it’s a zombie virus).

Song-wise it’s a fairly laid back rock song with a catchy chorus. It brings to mind a playground with the circus-like sound of the guitar, making for an even more fun release. Of course, it’s a tad on the calm side at times but the song is still solid.

This is also the 1st release with the new outfits above and while they might be somewhat similar they do have a fun new look that fans will adore.

Overall a solid release from this zombified rock idol group, and one that is well worth a look!

PASSPO Cinema Trip A
Type A



  1. Popcorn bought?
  2. Music Navigation
  3. 7’s Up (Cinema Trip Ver.)
  4. PlayGround
  5. Mr.Wednesday
  6. Love Refrain
  7. NASA! ~Nande Aitsu Sukinanda, Aa~
  8. Fukutsu no Resistance
  10. Minority Hero
  11. Gimi Gimi action
  12. Film
  13. Bachelorette wa Owaranai


  1. PlayGround Music Video

PASSPO Cinema Trip B
Type B



Same as Type A