Shuukan Idol – Coming of Age Edition

Ishida Ayumi Watermelon

In this week’s Shuukan Idol we get a fairly standard and calm week. With bands announcing a multitude of releases, to one of the biggest idol groups announcing their final performance date, it’s safe to say that we are in for an eventful year (as evidenced by Ishida Ayumi and her giant watermelon).

That being said, here are our top 6 highlights of the week!


Sato Masaki takes a two month hiatus

Sato has been experiencing some back problems since last year, but unfortunately it seems like the time has come for her to take a small break and focus on getting better. Will her strength training be enough to help? Time will tell, but we wish the best for her!

C-ute announce their final single and performance

With a looming disbandment, it seems like C-ute fans finally have more information about their plans for 2017. A final single has been slightly detailed, but even more importantly, a final performance date has been finalized. Will you be attending their final concert?

Silent Siren change record labels, announce new single, best-of album

Groups changing labels when their contract expires is nothing new, but Silent Siren decided to go out with style. Now housed under EMI Records, fans will get to mark the occasion with a massive Best-Of album as well as a new single. Hooray for record label changes!

callme promise to bring us happiness with their 4th single Bring you happiness

callme have been fairly busy with their own performances and promotion for most of last year. In fact, this single will be their first in 9 months, making it a welcome release from fans who have been anxiously awaiting since their last single.

NECRONOMIDOL gain another member, usher in new dark age

With NECRONOMIDOL conquering the depths of indie venues around Japan, we get the news that a new member has joined to help. Will Himari be the dark mistress that the group needs? Time will tell, but it’s safe to say that she is a welcome addition to this talented idol group.

Bandjanaimon! show their love for leaves in the MV for YATTA! 

What do you get when you combine an idol group with a song made by a group of guys wearing nothing but leaves? This release apparently, and while it might not hold the same power that the original had, it does have a cute appeal that newer generations will be able to appreciate.


The quest for the perfect site name continues, but with it come the inevitable hurdles. Mainly, the new site name I had chosen turned out to be one that unfortunately ended up not panning out (upon more investigation, it ended up being a medicine).

To not delay this any longer (a new site name has been in the works for a long time), I’ve given myself a deadline of January 11th (this Wednesday) to come up with the name, while setting up the poll on Twitter and on the site by January 13th (EDIT: Adding this due to work taking up more time than expected) with a few other alternate choices. By then I’ll have at least a few options for everyone to vote on that will hopefully not be medicines or be used by other fan sites who have more creativity than me.

Again, sorry for the delay but once that is taken care of I will be able to focus on a variety of other projects I have in the pipeline to improve the site even more.

Big changes are coming, but our dedication to sharing idol and J-pop news continues!


Not much happened this week in the mainstream idol scene, but thankfully we have underground idols to enjoy and this week we are featuring Hirano Yuri.

Those who know me are aware that punk is something quite close to my heart (which is why BiSH are among my favorite groups). Of course, idol songs tend to share a few traits with most being fast paced and having a catchy sound.

Hirano Yuri has recently released a track from her 1st album titled N/N/D which has a fun, upbeat sound reminiscent of punk. Throw in a cute outfit and a fair amount of catchy lyrics and you have a solid song that more fans should check out.

The title of her 1st album is Watashi no Melody and was released back in September 28th, but it’s still available to buy at CDJapan:


Make sure to check it out!

For now, that’s it for this week, stay tuned in for the next one!