[UPDATED] C-ute’s Final Single and Performance Announced


Updated 2/8: Release date has been changed from March 22nd to March 29th

C-ute have announced the release of their final single as well as the date for their final performance.

Their final single will be released on March 29th, and it will be a triple A-side release. No titles or other information have been released at this moment.

As for their last performance, it will take place at Saitama Arena one day after their formation anniversary on June 12th. They will hold their last FC event at Shin-Takanawa Prince Hotel on the anniversary of their formation, June 11th, to celebrate their 12 years together.

The title of their Spring Concert tour is -℃elebration-.

While not many details are given about their last single, I’m glad to see that they chose a date that holds such a significant value to them. Being able to celebrate 12 years with their fans before their final performance is a solid decision and one that fans will appreciate.

It goes without saying, but if you’re a C-ute fan it’s strongly encouraged that you attend their final performances. They have built a legacy that is hard to rival, and throughout their final concert tour they are bound to perform a variety of classics.

More information is soon to be released so stay tuned!

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