Sato Masaki Will Be on Hiatus For Two Months

Morning Musume Sato Masaki

Morning Musume ’17’s Sato Masaki will not take part in any Hello! Project activities for two months.

The cause of the two month break is due to her lingering lumbar disc herniation which has caused several severe back problems since mid-2015. As per her doctor, she will refrain from any physically intensive activities from now until late February.

She plans on using the two month break to do strength training. A decision about her future activities will take place after that two month period.

Of course, the two month hiatus might be sad news for fans of the group, but her health is a priority and ensuring that she gets proper care and rest is essential. Thankfully, it seems like she is fairly optimistic about the result with her promising to blog as much as possible and telling fans that she will come back out in time for the Spring tour.

It’s still too early to say how this will affect her future with the group but please continue to support her and hopefully we can see her make a comeback sometime in the near future.

Best wishes Sato Masaki!

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