Yanakoto Sotto Mute lay on stained snow in the MV for “Stain”

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Yanakoto Sotto Mute lay in stained snow in the MV for Stain.

Out now, the track is part of a 3 monthly consecutive single release.

Yanakoto Sotto Mute have carved a niche for themselves in the idol world with their dreamy rock music. It’s a unique sound and one that fortunately we get to enjoy once again for their 1st single of their 3 monthly singles, which is sure to make fans of slower songs happy.

In it, we see the members as the walk through a snowy field while wearing red clothes and with blood marks on their faces. It’s a unique setting that adds a bit of a morbid feel to an otherwise calm and relaxing MV. Sure, it’s not morbid or anything  but seeing a member lay in a pool of red dye is an interesting way of adding more emotional power to the song.

Speaking of the song, it’s a bit of a unique release. Stain is a bit more relaxing compared to their past singles and has a bit of a ballad touch, making it the perfect MV for the calm scenes we see. It won’t blow your mind with energy but it will soothe your soul.

It’s a relaxing track that fans of the group should enjoy, so make sure to do that below!

Yanakoto Sotto Mute

yanakoto sotto mute stain

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