PassCode jam out as a girl goes into VR in the MV For “PROJECTION”

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PassCode jam out as a girl goes into VR in the MV for PROJECTION.

Out April 3rd, the track is part of their 2nd album titled CLARITY.

After a long wait, the latest PassCode album is now available in stores. Naturally, an MV was released where we get to enjoy a track of what’s to come for the latest and greatest from PassCode. So, was this track worth the wait?

Most of the MV focuses on a girl that wears VR glasses to escape reality. Her VR character appears to be a blonde girl who ends up at a bar flirting with a guy. Pretty unique story, but what really makes this release unique are the colors we get to see throughout.

There’s a neon touch to each scene, with the band+PassCode shot showing an intense display of colors. These intense colors all match the sound of the song, which packs in screaming vocals from Yuna, energetic instruments, and even some rap into the mix.

It’s an intense song and one that PassCode fans are sure to love because it builds upon PassCode to make an even bigger and better sound of what we love from the group. Check it out below and grab PassCode’s latest album CLARITY below!


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