BiSH go through pure chaos in the MV for “Tsuinishi”, announce 3rd album “CARROTS and STiCKS”

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BiSH go through pure chaos in the action-packed MV for Tsuinishi.

Out July 3rd, the track is part of their 3rd album titled CARROTS and STiCKS.

In true BiSH fashion, STiCKS and CARROTS will be released much earlier than that date. How much earlier? STiCKS will be released on April 3rd as an Apple Music exclusive, while CARROTS will be released on May 3rd exclusively on Apple Music as well with 4 tracks each.

There will be a total of 14 new songs recorded which will presumably be available on the full album release in July, with an MV for CARROTS and STiCKS set for release in June. The album is essentially 2 EPs combined into one.

This is an interesting way of approaching their latest album, but one that is almost not as interesting as their MV for Tsuinishi. It resembles Deadman in sound but has a variety of fast-paced changes that give it a horror movie vibe. It’s basically pure chaos.

It’s hard to describe but it’s a BiSH MV so it’s well worth a watch to enjoy the pure raw energy that they bring. Check out the MV below for yourself and get ready to enjoy new BiSH music in the coming months!


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