Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling) beat each other in the bubbly MV for “Upperkick!”

up up girls pro wrestling

Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling) beat each other up in the bubbly MV for Upperkick!

Many might be aware of Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling) and their unique mix of idol music with wrestling shows. It’s an interesting combo and one that works beautifully well with the choreographed feel of wrestling. Well, they seem to be looking to follow their MV for Upperchop! with another wrestling move themed MV that’s sure to delight fans.

So, this one is a bit more of a casual release since it shows a compilation of the members and their matches. The amazing thing about this MV is that the song is seriously catchy and happy, but the scenes show off the members throwing each other around in the ring. It’s weird, but hey, Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling) are a unique take on idol groups.

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Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling)