Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) upper chop their way to victory in the MV for “Upper Chop!”

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Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) upper chop their way to victory in the MV for Upper Chop!

It’s been a long time since most of us have heard of Up Up Girls (Pro Wres). Hinano, one of the members, had a brief stint as a bikini contestant in Young Jump, as did Raku. Apart from that, most of their efforts have been on dominating the wrestling ring.

Well, it seems like the time has come for them to show off their singing abilities with a wrestling packed MV that fans are sure to love. In fact, most of the MV shows off a variety of scenes where the members upper chop each other and the camera. There’s not much else apart from that and a few solo shots but it’s good to add some wrestling to the mix.

The song is a bit on the repetitive side, with most of the lyrics being “Upper chop!” and “Upper chop everybody!”. However, the beat does have a rather cute sound to it, making it a good release for those who are interested in listening to a song about idols wrestling.

There doesn’t seem to be a single attached to this release, but at least we can rest easy knowing that Up Up Girls (Pro Wres) are doing more than simply wrestling. Step into the ring and check out this amazing release!

Upper Chop!
Up Up Girls (Pro Wres)