Yamada Marina Is Graduating From HKT48

hkt48 yamada marina

HKT48 member Yamada Marina has announced that she is graduating.

Her graduation was announced at HKT48’s recent performance at HKT48 Theater on March 10th. She confirmed the news on her Twitter account:

According to Marina, her reason for graduating is that she wishes to be a voice actress. She mentioned how she has been studying voice acting at Yoyogi Animation School and has recently graduated this month.

There is no mention of her graduation date, although it should be released soon.

Yamada Marina joined HKT48 by becoming a Kenkyuusei in 2012. From there she was promoted to Team H in  January 2014 and become a 2nd generation member.

Marina has a deep love for anime and cosplay, so her dream to become a voice actress is one that comes to no surprise for many fans. Sure, she might be giving up her idol life to be a seiyuu, but it’s great to see her follow her dreams.

Hopefully with her new career she will be able to make many generations of anime fans happy. Best of luck Marina!

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