Rosario+Cross Dance In A Tiny Town For “Dai Dondengaeshi”

rosario cross dai dondengaeshi

Rosario+Cross dance in a tiny town for their 7th single’s MV titled Dai Dondengaeshi.

Out April 30th, the single will be released in one edition.

What happens when idols become giants in a tiny colorful town? If you’re Rosario+Cross, then you’d probably spend the entire day dancing to a fun and upbeat song. Thankfully, that’s just what happens in this MV where we get to see a wide variety of colorful scenes as the members have fun and sing to the camera.

Sure it’s rather simple but it’s a pretty colorful release that’s sure to please fans of the group. Check it out below and grab a copy of that single to support them!

Dai Donden Gaeshi

rosario cross dai dondengaeshi cover



  1. Dai Dondengaeshi
  2. Sou sa, Bokura wa Kyouhansha

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