BiSH Will Have Major Debut On Avex

BiSH Major Debut

BiSH have announced that they will have a major debut on Avex.

This was announced at their recent one-man live titled IDOL is SHiT in Tokyo. Due to them moving to a major label, they will be dropping their infamous Brand-new Idol SHiT subtitle and will be known only as BiSH from now on.

The debut is set for May 4, so it seems like we’re in for an amazing treat! A major debut is a big step for the group since it means that big promotion and more are in store for them, and as a result fans will get to see much more activity.

For now, the group did release a video on their Youtube which sums up their history until now, and is well worth a look (it has an English voice over).

Congrats BiSH!