AKB48 “Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby” MV Previews Released

AKB48 Kuchibiru ni Be my Baby

The short MVs for the rest of AKB48’s Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby have been released.

Hold on to your bandwidth folks, this post is packed with MVs.

Obviously commenting on each would take quite a lot of time, but basically they can be summed up in a sentence each.

Kimi wo Kimi wo Kimi wo has a cute idol sound to it and it’s not surprising since this song features some of the newer members, but it’s a perfect song for the group. Yasashii Place has a slower and more ballad taste to it with a mature overtone. The dark theme is a nice contrast so it’s one of those videos for the fans of the adult side of the group.

Madonna no Sentaku has a nice beat combined with more laid back vocals alongside a line of commercial inspired shots of each of the members. Onee-san no Hitorigoto is one of those unique Japanese videos since it has a bright happy feel to it combined with weird but nice visuals while the members perform.

Kin no Kane wo Motsu Hito yo has a harder beat combined with vocals from guys in between the girls singing. With a set inspired straight out of a Rammstein video, we get to enjoy some fast paced music to some slow and dreary factory shots (factory idols?). Nanka, Chotto, Kyuu ni .. is a fantasy themed song with a calm feel to it if you’re a fan of mannequins then you’ll feel right at home.

Finally, Senaka Kotoba is the main track fans will be looking for, mainly due to it being Takahashi Minami’s graduation song and it’s perfect. The beat is slow, and we see shots of her from the past as well as several shots of her as she pulls ropes with the words that represent her history in the group.

This is the highlight of the single, and rightfully so. The shots of Minami as she grows with the group with shots of walking alongside her team is a nice touch. It’s hard to not feel nostalgic, especially if you’ve followed the group since it started.

Check out all of the songs after the break and get those pre-orders in since the single will be released on December 9!

Kimi wo Kimi wo Kimi wo (Version A)

Yasashii Place (Version A)

Madonna no Sentaku (Version B)

Onee-san no Hitorigoto (Version B)

Kin no Hane wo Motsu Hito yo (Version C)

Nanka, Chotto, Kyuu ni … (Version D)

Senaka Kotoba (Version D)