Team Syachihoko Free Live in Taiwan Announced

Team Syachihoko 2016

Team Syachihoko has announced that they will be holding their 1st performance in Taiwan titled Team Syachihoko Free Live in Taiwan.

The free concert will take place at CLAPPER STUDIO on June 25th with two performances set for 12:00 as well as 16:15. There will also be a special bus tour held with free tickets to their performances, special VTR, members signatures, as well as pickup for them at their hotel.

Applications for the bus tour start on May 18th at 10 AM with a price of 19,800 Yen.

They were set to perform back in February but due to an earthquake the concert was cancelled so I’m glad to see that they are back to show some love for their fans in Taiwan.

Of course, those who are interested in attending should check out the link below for more venue information, but it seems like Team Syachihoko are set for an amazing summer.

Team Syachihoko OHP