NMB48 “Sora Kara Ai ga Futte Kuru” MV Released


NMB48 have released the MV for a track from their upcoming single titled Sora Kara Ai ga Futte Kuru.

Out August 3rd, the track is part of the track list for the Type A version of the single and features Team N.

While Boku wa Inai and Ima Naraba might have both featured a ballad sound, I’m glad to see that they went for a more unique sound with Sora Kara Ai ga Futte Kuru.

It features a traditional Japanese setting combined with a soft, upbeat instrumental that has some slight Japanese instruments combined with an electronic background.

The visuals are bright and colorful with all of the members wearing colorful kimonos. One scene that comes to mind is that where we get to see the members sitting in a room packed full of colorful umbrellas, which fits the sound of the song well.

It might not be incredibly upbeat, but by far this is my favorite song from the single, so make sure to check it out below!

NMB48 Boku wa Inai Type A
Type A



  1. Boku wa Inai
  2. Ima Naraba
  3. Sora Kara Ai ga Futte Kuru / Team N
  4. Boku wa Inai (off vocal ver.)
  5. Ima Naraba (off vocal ver.)
  6. Sora Kara Ai ga Futte Kuru / Team N (off vocal ver.)


  1. Boku wa Inai (MV)
  2. Boku wa Inai (Dance Ver. MV)
  3. Sora Kara Ai ga Futte Kuru / Team N (MV)
  4. NMB48 Live House Tour 2016 Zepp Namba March 30