AKB48’s Ogasawara Mayu Announces Graduation

AKB48 Ogasawara Mayu

AKB48’s Ogasawara Mayu has announced her graduation from the group.

According to her announcement, she strongly feels a desire to break from the group and start over in a new environment. She plans on continuing in show business in some way.

Her last performance and handshake event haven’t been decided.

It’s sad to see members who have been with the group for years suddenly decide to leave, but it seems like her decision is firmly set in discovering new opportunities outside of the group.

Having been part of the group since 2010 has allowed her to show off her talent and contribute to the history of one of Japan’s biggest idol groups, so I’m looking forward to finding out just what plans she has in store.

Best of luck Ogasawara Mayu!

Natalie.mu | Ogasawara Mayu Twitter