Shuukan Idol – UP UP GIRLS Dominate, and More

Up Up Girls Kakko Kari

This week’s Shuukan Idol is packed full of UP UP GIRLS MVs as they celebrate the release of their latest single. Also, we get some sad news from BELLRING Girls, the formation of a new group within the AKB48 family, and even some amazing MVs from other groups.

That and more in this week’s six highlights!


AKB48 like money, announce formation of new group STU48

AKB48 are bent on dominating the world, and while they have the land of Japan pretty much covered the sea has been safe … until now. STU48 are a one of a kind concept, so check out our post to find out just how unique they will be.

PassCode dominate our eardrums in the MV for their major debut MISS UNLIMITED

PassCode has a strong electronic influence mixed in with some of the best female scream vocals I’ve heard from an “idol” group, and this time they’ve released a solid MV for their major debut release. It’s a must see!

C-ute go neoclassical for their latest single Mugen Climax

C-ute are talented, there is no denying that. This time, the talented quintet dazzle us with a neoclassical release packed full of energy and dancing that would make any Wota smile. It’s a solid release that shows off that despite being close to breaking up, they plan on going out with a bang!

> UP UP GIRLS show off their quirky side in the MVs for !!!!!!!!, Ran Ran Ran, and Kimi to Iu Kasetsu

UP UP GIRLS are among the most interesting acts in the idol scene, and I love it. This time we get to enjoy not only one MV, but three from their latest single. They’re all unique and have some fun themes so check them all out!

BELLRING Girls Heart lose two members, go on hiatus

BELLRING Girls Heart are among the most well known indie idol groups, but it seems like they have recently undergone some big changes. With the lose of two members and a hiatus planned for the end of the year, will we get to enjoy their music once more?

ANGERME go soulful in the MV for Wasurete Ageru

Packed full of passion, the track features an emotional ballad sound that includes a stark reminder that idols are professionals at sitting in a room while singing in different directions. Solid track, Shouganai Yume Oibito-esque sound, and talented vocals, all included in this one of a kind release!


This week we get to enjoy one of Dream Ami’s latest release, specifically her 3rd single titled Lovefool -Suki Datte Itte-.

From the get go, those who grew up in the 80s/90s will be able to tell that we will be enjoying a cover of The Cardigans and their famous song of the same name. Not only that, popping toast, creepy dolls, and many scenes of hearts accompany Dream Ami as she sings to the camera.

It’s interesting seeing the song being sung in a different language with a colorful touch and the eccentricity that we all know and love from Japan. Apart from that it’s also a cute MV that showcases just how modern artists help give a unique spin on older songs from generations past.

If you’d like to get the single please make sure to click below and get a copy:


Thank you for tuning in this week, we’ll see you in the next one!