UP UP GIRLS kakko KARI “Ran Ran Ran” MV Released

Up Up Girls Kimi Kasetsu Limited

UP UP GIRLS kakko KARI have released the MV for their track Ran Ran Ran.

Out since October 11th, the track is part of the Limited edition of their recently released single titled !!!!!!!! / Kimi to Iu Kasetsu.

The MV for !!!!!!!! has already been released.

UP UP GIRLS continue their MV domination with their latest EDM packed video for fans to enjoy. This time, we enjoy the members as they make their way in leather suits around town.

Performing a series of robotic dance moves, each member appears in unique situations as the radio they carry busts out some catchy idol beats. The main theme appears to be “stare at the screen as often as possible”, and for the most part it’s a surreal and interesting addition.

The song has a more relaxed sound with a laid back EDM instrumental combined with vocals to match. It’s hard to say if this song will be one of the standouts of the single, but it is still pretty solid for those who get the Limited edition.

Make sure to check out this interesting MV and grab a copy of the Limited edition!

Up Up Girls Kimi Kasetsu Limited



  1. !!!!!!!
  2. Kimi to Iu Kasetsu
  3. Ran Ran Ran
  4. Abyssal Drop
  5. Party People Alien (DJ WILDPARTY Remix)
  6. Bare Bare I LOVE YOU (∞ Remix)