[UPDATED] Yasushi Akimoto Will Produce A “2D/3D” Idol Group

Yasushi Akimoto Idol 2d 3d

[UPDATED: Full characters have been revealed]

Famous idol producer Yasushi Akimoto has revealed that he will be producing a new idol group made up of eight 2D characters.

Digital Idol Akimoto

These characters will be designed by eight different creators and will be voiced by female voice actors. According to the details, this has been planned for close to 2 years.

Some of the designers who will be part of this project include Masayoshi Tanaka (Kimi no Na wa) and Yukiko Horiguchi (K-On!). The group name, schedule for activities, and other CD release details are currently not determined.

There will be an audition which will be starting October 17th and conclude on December 24th for the voice actors who will take part.

At first, it seems like a far fetched idea, but with the surge of popularity for animated idols such as Hatsune Miku who has recently toured around the world it’s certainly a possible idea that could turn into a sign of a new digital idol era. Not to mention the unrivaled popularity of groups like Gorillaz who have created a universe of their own.

Could we be in for a revolution or is Akimoto simply running out of real girls for his ’48 groups?

We’re not sure, but stay tuned as we slowly find out more details from this unique group!

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