BELLRING Girls Heart Lose Two Members, Announce Hiatus

BELLRING Girls Heart

BELLRING Girls Heart have announced that members Asakura Mizuho and Yanagisawa Ayano will be graduating from the group.

As a result, the group will be suspending activities at the end of the year until they find some new members through an audition.

According to the announcement it seems like Ayano will be pursuing a solo career, while Mizuho will be ending all idol activities as a result of her turning 20 and not being a teenager anymore.

BELLRING Girls Heart have been dominating the underground idol scene for some time now, but even the lose of two members is a tad too much with them being unable to continue with almost half of the group leaving.

As mentioned by Homicidols, it seems like they’re just finishing up any pending performances and then using any time at the start of the year in order to reform. This makes sense and is a strong move from them despite the rather shocking news

Hopefully this means we get to enjoy BELLRING Girls Heart even more once they comeback with a stronger lineup and even stronger releases!