UP UP GIRLS 2nd Generation Finalists Announced

Up Up Girls 2nd Generation Finalists

The finalists for UP UP GIRLS’ 2nd generation have been announced.

According to the blog, it appears that there will be a series of Showroom appearances where the members will be ranked according to series of points taking place from February 3rd – 16th. Rankings based on the points can be seen at the Up Up Girls Showroom page (linked at the end of this post).

For those who missed the live auditions for all of the members, here’s the video of the audition in high quality:

Twitter accounts have also been set up for all of the finalists (In order of appearance based off the video above):

Right off the bat, fans who saw S/mileage’s 2nd audition might see a familiar face: Aoyagi Momoka (MokaMoka – #17). According to her Twitter it appears that she was going to be part of Hello! Project Kenshuusei but was unable to join because of an exam. However, it seems like she is back to continue her dream of becoming an idol.

Personally Rino (#29) stands out for me, mainly due to her ability to speak English fluently as well as her singing ability. Having a member who can speak English is sure to do wonders for fans overseas.

As of now the followers on Twitter point to Maachan, RenRen, and Rino being the three most popular in terms of followers. Rankings based on points however show Maachan, RenRen, and Naachan in the top three with fans already supporting them with great passion.

There is a surprising amount of mystery related to the amount of members who will make the final lineup and whether or not they will be a rival group or a new generation within Up Up Girls. However, we should be finding out the final lineup by the end of this month.

Make sure to check out their Twitter accounts and stay tuned for their Showroom events since it seems like a fun way to get fans to decide the future members of UUG!

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