Juice=Juice Announce 9th Single, Titled “Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiru yo”

Juice=Juice Keep On Single

Juice=Juice have announced the release of their 9th single titled Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiru yo.

Out April 26th, the single will be released in 5 editions.

Those 5 editions include: 2 Regular editions, 2 Limited editions, and an SP edition.

The order of the songs hasn’t been decided yet.

Right off the bat, they seem to be following the format that they have with Morning Musume ’17’s latest release with the 2 A-sides and the 5 editions. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not, since the Special edition is the perfect way to give fans a special bonus while going for a “quality over quantity” approach for the music.

Apart from that we don’t know much about this single. It’s still a bit too early but it’s great to see them already building up hype for what will most likely be another solid release.

Stay tuned since we will most likely get more info in the coming months!

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