uijin “meltdown” MV Released


uijin have released the MV for their track titled meltdown.

The single was released alongside another track titled overdrive on March 13th.

uijin also have an album titled stay hungry, stay foooolish that is set for release on July 5th.

Electronicore has been dominating the scene, with groups like PassCode spearheading a movement with catchy EDM, idol vocals, and screaming vocals. Thankfully, a new group has joined the scene: uijin.

Their sound is more on the traditional idol side (basically PassCode without the screaming and autotune), but the instrumental is packed with what they call “neo Tokyo” sound. It’s catchy and well worth a look for those who enjoy a strong electronic instrumental with idol vocals, alongside trippy and glitched scenes.

Unfortunately, the single hasn’t been revealed for online purchase. But, hopefully we get more info about a possible online release so that fans everywhere can get a copy.

For now, make sure to check out the MV and go to a concert if you’re in the area!

uijin meltdown overdrive cover