GANG PARADE Announce New Album, Titled “GANG PARADE take themselves higher!!”

GANG PARADE Beyond the Mountain

GANG PARADE have announced the release of their new album titled GANG PARADE take themselves higher!!

Out November 8th, the album will be the 1st showcasing the new lineup.

After their fair share of departures, additions, lineup changes, and even group name changes (PLA2ME -> POP -> GANG PARADE), it seems like GANG PARADE are ready to release a new album for fans to enjoy.

Sure, there aren’t many details out and all we have is a title, but the title alone is a great sign that GANG PARADE are aiming for bigger things for their future. In fact, they just released a new single titled Beyond the Mountain that is among their best.

There are still 4 months left until the release of the album, and from what we know so far it seems like a promising release for fans to enjoy. Stay tuned for more details!

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