Momoiro Clover Z New Album MV Previews Released

Momoiro Clover Z

The MV previews for Momoiro Clover Z’s upcoming albums titled AMARANTHUS and Hakkin no Yoake have been released.

Release is set for February 17, and while we haven’t heard much in terms of exactly what to expect we are getting some small previews here and there that are sure to have fans anxiously awaiting this new release.

The video released by the group features clips from the songs WE ARE BORN which will be part of the Limited edition Blu-ray for AMARANTHUS. Alongside that we also get to see clips from Mahoro Vacation which will be featured on the Blu-ray for Hakkin no Yoake.

Both are pretty interesting since they feature unique and colorful themes that fans all over the world will be enjoying. Including a slight Teletubbies throw with the members dancing around in some slightly chubby costumes as well as shots of the members dancing with blonde hair after releasing their colorful souls to the sky.

Will we get to see even more? Hopefully we do since the album is turning out to be among the most unique for the group! | Momoiro Clover Z CDJapan

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