BAND-MAID To Perform In London, Seattle


BAND-MAID have announced that they will be performing overseas in London and Seattle to promote their upcoming album titled Brand New MAID.

The London show will take place at the MCM London Comic Con on May 27-29. Alongside that, the Seattle performance will take place at Sakuracon which will take place this March 25-27.

With a new album coming out on May 18th, it seems like this Japanese rock maid group is very active having just released the MV for alone a while ago.

Of course, overseas performances are always exciting and the fact that they have recieved notice from media in the states through guitar magazines, they seem to have a solid set of fans ready to welcome them this year.

This is just the start of course so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them announce more dates alongside more promotion as they continue to grow.


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