Country Girls “Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~” MV Released

Country Girls Ranrarun Anata Muchuu MV

Country Girls have released the MV for their single titled Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu.

Releasing March 9th, this is the final of the triple a-side single previews with the Boogie Woogie LOVE and Koi wa Magnet MVs being released a few weeks ago.

While we have already explored the funky sounds of the 60’s and a more traditional idol ballad sound, we have now come to an interesting place where we go for a fun but lighthearted ballad with a 20’s feel to it.

How much more can we go back? Well if the French scenery doesn’t get you in a romantic mood, then the members dressed up in Charlie Chaplin-esque outfits is sure to do that.

The look of the MV is just amazing, with the cardboard French scenery being the main draw, alongside the members dressed up in cute outfits as well as male counterparts where they ask each other out.

Alongside that the sound of the song is light, a bit too light at times but the beat is soft and just enough to make you want to sing along.

Overall this song is an amazing addition and the perfect way to complete the single. Will you be getting a copy? Let us know and make sure to check out the MV after the break!

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