Moso Calibration “Unbalance Umbrella” MV Released

Moso Calibration Unbalance Umbrella

Moso Calibration have released the MV for their 2nd single titled Unbalance Umbrella.

Out September 28th, the single will be released in a Regular and Limited version.

With a catchy electronic sound, Moso Calibration unbalance their way into our hearts as they sing throughout this colorful and laid back MV.

There are a variety of scenes, but the most notable are some where we get to see them try and make a giant umbrella to help transmit those juicy beats all across the world for everyone to enjoy. That, and scenes of the members dancing in a club combine to form a unique MV that shows off their vocal talents well.

Unfortunately the umbrella isn’t big enough to reach some fans since the video is blocked in certain areas. Regardless, if you can check it out make sure to do so since it’s a catchy song that is an amazing treat for fans of electronic songs!

Moso Calibration Unbalance Umbrella Regular



  1. Unbalance Umbrella
  2. irony
  3. Unbalance Umbrella -instrumental-
  4. irony -instrumental-

Moso Calibration Unbalance Umbrella Limited



Same as Regular version


  1. Unbalance Umbrella -Music Video-
  2. Unbalance Umbrella -Music Video Making Of-

Moso Calibration OHP